Wind blowing a vast distant city—spires, towers, blocks, ravines slate blues blue greys grey greens a distant vision—science fiction futuristic city of spires reflecting the light of dawn as it is reflected off the waters, onto a monumental tower of glass crystals gradual crescendo of millions of souls waking, start-up sound of a city awaking—chorus of a million distant, unseen, souls rising in a slow, but always building crescendo — like desire. At its peak—like a wave—this chorus of souls crashes. . . dissipates into indistinct rhythms, broken chords, the light changes—rosy light washing over 10 million mirrors of glass. Celestial Dawn



[New Science Theater – An interview with Martin Reckhaus]

The paper introduces the play “New Science” – directed by Martin Reckhaus, book by Jessica Slote, performed in New York in 2006 – with the aim to understand its declared inspiration from G. Vico. Moving from the main question of the play: “What does it mean to be human?”, the interview with Martin Reckhaus connects Vico’s ideas about the creation of history, the importance of collectivity, the strength of sensuality, the trust in the meaningfulness of the changement and in the power of imagination, to the existential experience pursued by a theatre practice deeply rooted in the tradition of the Living Theatre and of its revolutionary critic of reality.