The texts, pornograms, that accompany these nude photos of the actors, were written by the actors after Chorus rehearsals in the dark. Loretta, Act 2, Berlin, 1988 Ensemble: Philip Brehse, Ether Luth, Martin Reckhaus, Judith Rymer, Jessica Slote, Michael Steger, Christian Vollmer

Photos: Amy J. Klement


Die Szenen springen von einer zur anderen. Anzeichen der Lust warden vom Dunkel gewogen. Erregung. Excuse me, breaks everything into new pieces. How quickly and for how long? Spitting. Long sequence of rhythmic slapping. A man sobbing. The women sing. Quiet. Hat es Jemand gespuehrt? Wenn das Reiben endet, Moment, Wechsel, Licht. Wellen der Eifersucht. Ich erkenne die Stimmen manchmal.


So gently, innocently start the games, building tentatively, become less gentle, more sure, until she groans deeply with release. She is the real leader now, she had been hidden before but now emerges as the central goal of the others with their aggressive intentions. Another woman chuckles sarcastically she has won, has tricked the others, but they turn on her, they agress her in a full chorus, painful to hear, embarrassing, pleasurable also, but so full of violent tensions, so clearly a symphony of the proximity of pain and pleasure. Pain in pleasure, pleasure in pain.


Slippery, subterranean sounds—first sea creatures, then maybe a bird, a reptile. Cooing, slurping, licking. Words arise. French. Later, could be any language. Maybe not an actual language. Moments of near silence. Rustling. Loud female laughter—a heckling bawd or an amused/shocked voyeur. Then a sound, like belted pants dropping to the ground. Shift point. Clothes come off. The build begins. One masculine voice, rising slowly to a delicious orgasm. Others voices join in. “Who are you?” Names. . . Juliette? Georg(ette)? The language gets rougher. The man climaxes and then others ride it as if swept into the crest of the wave. Aggressive language—aggression or sounds of a hot scene? Laughter. I let it go on longer, afraid to interrupt. And then a rush, a peak. Everybody opens his legs. Lights up.


Alles passiert dann doch noch unvorhergesehen und doch entfaltet sich alles nach dem Sohema einer kriminellen Intriege. Alles vas vorher die Realitaet bestimt hat faellt auf einmal weg and muss Schweigen: die Dunkelheit nimmt Besitz. Das Gerausch sich reibender Gliedmassen. das klatschen nackter Korper ist wie ein Meer das verlangt genommen zu werden und dem man sich nicht verweigern kann. Bevor sich das Brausen entlacht kommt ein abruptes Ende. Wie ein Schnitt faehrt der Tag durch die Nacht. Doch die Erinnerung daran ist unzerstoerbar.


Yes. No. Random sounds: – a foot scraping across a floor, – a clicking soundkissing, – sucking, someone hissing. Characters also start to emerge from an unseen mass, – the hisser, – emerging from chorus of merging grunts and moans, – one woman’s moan, soft, gentle, so tentative, periodic, – at irregular intervals, like a dove cooing. More frenzied, after more frenzied dancing. – Starting with HILARITY which spreads, – general hilarity, – then getting down to a working rhythm, – a bed of grunts and groans, getting down to WORK.


A Light goes on in the box. . .in the shadow. . .the Hermaphrodit. . . The two chained ones in a chorus: “without male intervention.” A voice coming from the box: ein Engel beginnt zu singen. Ein gesang aus unbekannten. Zeiten. Eine Stimme in lateinischer Sprache wagt ein paar Toene—ein Gesang aus unbekannten Zeiten. We have to sing not to dance the seller goes to the box speaking with emotion. Here look at that! This year a special offer! Two for one. Becoming! Two in one. Philip: there is no room to move in that box! Don’t you feel that? The seller: the Hermaphrodit a model brought up to us in the Renaissance—portable—klappbar—tauschbar—transportierbar.


Der Atem in Dunkel findet sein Gleichgewicht Da ist ein Sinnestasten, ein Freisetzen von tierischem Magnetismus. Aus leisem Stoehnen wachst ein Pulsieren. Das Aufziehen einer feuchtwarmen Wolke, die aufkocht, zischt and sich am Boden reibt. Das Boese erwacht in lachenden Lust-Koerpern. Aufschreie und ein Wimmern nach Erloesung. Ein Fluessigkeit giesst sich ueber verschlungene Koerper. Sie breitet sich aus Jetzt ist der Raum vollig ueberschwemmt.


The darkness murmurs its most secret longings, Sighing; Crying out an ejaculated yes. Staccato feet tapping out a code all wish to decipher With the gut knowledge of the pleasure to be found in answering the riddle: How many heads whispering their intimacies in the lightless vacuum; How many bodies thrust together through the ages; How many body cavities stuffed Before the void in each of us is filled with light; When it comes the glistening sweat is illuminated and chest motes Dance before glazed eyes; And the God says: This is good.