Artistic director and co-founder Loretta Auditorium; actor, poet; created original work: The Body of Loretta; New Science or What Does It Mean to be Human?; Meditations on a Besieged City (Sarajevo) commissioned by the Erlangen Theatre Festival; directed productions: The Man Who Appear**ed based on a story by Clarice Lispector; Humanity (Die Menschen) by Walter Hasenclever, produced by The Living Theatre; created direct-action theatre workshops in NYC, Italy, Germany, Bulgaria; member, The Living Theatre (1990s); member, The Alchemical Theatre (1980s); studied theatre at Studiobuehne, Cologne; based in NYC and Napoli


Co-founder, Loretta Auditorium; writer, actor; author, Loretta Auditorium Presents The Body of Loretta; original texts for the stage include: The Body of Loretta and New Science or What Does It Mean to be Human?—a post-911 oratorio; adapted texts for the stage: Meditations on a Besieged City (Sarajevo), based on pamphlet smuggled out of the besieged city; The Last Word, based on a novella by Maurice Blanchot; Pure War/The Madness of the Day, based on an interview with Paul Virilio and novella by Maurice Blanchot; publications: Ark Review, Copenhagen (interview/podcast); Tribes magazine, NYC (theatre/book reviews); From Somewhere to Nowhere: The End of the American Dream (anthology, Autonomedia, 2017) NYC (poetry); teaches literature and writing to young adult immigrants; based in NYC


Dramaturg, director of The Body of Loretta, an Auditorium; recipient: Kölner Theaterpreis for best production, youth theatre, Best Children’s and Youth Theatre in North Rhine-Westfalia; created original productions with youth for International Theatre Festivals of Sao Paolo, Rio de Janeiro, Curitiba, and Santiago de Chile; invited to participate in Grotowski Laboratory, Wroclaw; invited to create work for theatre festivals: Starke Stücke, Frankfurt, Impulse, Bochum, Akzente, Duisburg, Berliner TheaterTreffen; assistant for dramaturgy and directing at Schauspielhaus, Bonn under directors D. Mouchtar-Samorai, P. Eschberg, H. Hollmann, and J. Wieler; studied theatre science and philosophy, Cologne and Vienna; teacher, Athanor Acting School, Passau, Bavaria; based in Berlin


Production director and founding member, Loretta Auditorium; master set/lighting designer, filmmaker; founder and director, Living Theatre/Europa; member, Living Theatre, 1989-2009; founder and director, PerForm Trieste, a space dedicated to performance and movement disciplines; created countless street theater performances on political themes with young actors in Genoa, Bologna, Trieste, Milano, Torino, Salerno, Palermo, Napoli; written and produced original plays including Siddhartha the River Smiles, Giovanna La Mariposita, Green Terror, and his new work, Common Blood, based on the historical novel, Trieste, by Dasa Drndic; a native of North Carolina; based in Trieste, Italia


Web Master and Web Designer for Loretta Auditorium, architect and expert in Conservation and Restoration. worked for many years with the Loretta Company in Naples  – Art Teacher – ITC School Coordinator – Google Suite 4 Education Administrator – Head of Multimedia School Library –  Particular interest and aptitude in the teaching organisation and the development of innovative and experimental strategies having studied and experimented with innovations both in the organisational field as well as in the field of disciplinary and multimedia teaching.